Why do Customer Centric Companies Stand Out?

The bottom line is that customer-centric companies stand out. They are more desirable for consumers to do business with and more enjoyable places for employees to work. The top-rated customer service companies are often the best companies to work for as well. The reason is that the culture within the company offers a similar experience to what the customer experiences on the outside. Some things to consider about customer-centric companies:
Customer-centric companies empower employees to make decisions that are for the benefit of the customer. They have guidelines versus rules and policies, and the mindset that if what the customer is asking for isn’t illegal or immoral, won’t cost the company money (although sometimes that’s still OK), and won’t harm the company’s reputation, then it should be considered.
customer centric companies
Customer-centric companies hire people who fit the culture and have personalities that align with the company’s core values, mission and vision. Skills and experience are important, of course, but these high-performing companies are looking for other qualities as well. It takes the right combination of skill, personality, and attitude.
Customer-centric companies invest a lot of time and money into soft skills training such as customer service and relationship building. Technical and product training are important, but constant reinforcement of the “people side” of the business is equally important, if not even more so. Customer-centric companies know the importance of their employees, and take a “people first” approach. They develop their people at a level that keeps them engaged and enthusiastic about taking care of the company’s customers.
Steven Hodgkiss
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Sending email is not the same as delivering email.



In this Email deliverability checklist we will see that the actual sending of email is one tiny step in a larger process of delivering email.There are a myriad of other requirements that need to be covered by yourself and your ESP to get emails into the inbox and for the emails to then be engaging enough for your customers to read them.Deliverability is a complex environment that requires all the moving parts between technology, professional services, industry knowledge and processes to work together.  There is no silver bullet and all the settings in this Email deliverability checklist need to work in conjunction with each other to have the desired result.

Email Deliverability checklist

How does your ESP measure up when it comes to maximizing deliverability? Use this checklist as a guideline to judge their deliverability rate.


1. Email deliverability Technology

An ESP’s MTA (mail server) may not be able to support some essential features that are required for enhancing deliverability.

Make sure they have all the features in this Email deliverability checklist and are able to provide these in their standard offering.

Static/Dedicated IP address (Dedicated for higher volumes)
When your email sends reach a certain volume, in order to have full control over your deliverability you want a dedicated IP address. This is a single point that only your emails are sent from.  You have full control over your reputation and subsequently your deliverability.

Multi-part emails (text & HTML)
By not sending both parts of the MIME you run the danger of having your messages flagged by a heuristic filter that specifically checks valid MIME headers that include TEXT & HTML

Some ISPs bounce emails if they receive too many messages from one sending address at a time. Throttle the number of messages per hour to meet ISP restrictions.

Sign outgoing messages with DKIM
ISPs authenticate incoming messages to verify the sender. If you are unable to authenticate yourself, you may be seen as a spammer.

DKIM is an anti-spam method that uses a combination of public and private keys to authenticate the sender’s domain and reduce the chance that a spammer or hacker will fake the domain sending address. This technology helps fight phishing.

Retry feature for temporary failures/greylisting.
A mail server using greylisting will “temporarily reject” any email from a sender it does not recognize. If the mail is legitimate the originating server will, after a delay, try again and, if sufficient time has elapsed, the email will be accepted.

IP Warming
An IP address with no sending history is in danger of having the emails blocked. Employ IP warming techniques so that you can build up a reputation with recipient mail servers before you start sending them large batches of emails.


2. Sender Authentication & whitelisting

It is important to confirm your identity as a sender. Email providers should check your domain or IP against databases of trusted senders. This also helps prevent phishing and spoofing of emails.

Although your email service provider may be the one directly responsible for the setup of these items, it is important that your mail administrators work with the ESP, as they will guide them through the process and give the correct settings.


Sender Authentication setup
ISPs authenticate incoming messages to verify the sender. If you are unable to authenticate yourself, you may be seen as a spammer.

    • SPF – This is a way to say an IP or domain can send email on your behalf. It prevents ‘from’ address spoofing.
    • DKIM – A means to digitally sign an email message and associate a domain name with it. This signature gives recipients and ISPs a reason to believe the email message was created by a known sender and that it was not altered in transit.
    • DMARC – A DMARC policy allows a sender to indicate that their emails are protected by SPF and/or DKIM, and tells a receiver what to do if neither of these authentication methods pass – such as send to junk or reject the message.

Other DNS entries

  • A record – Ensure that your sending (sub)domain resolves to an IP address by creating a DNS A record
  • PTR record – Ensure that each of your outbound IP addresses resolve to a hostname, or a Fully Qualified Domain Name.
  • MX record – Ensure that each email (sub)domain has a valid MX record that specifies a mail server responsible for accepting email.
  • Abuse and postmaster email addresses setup
    Ensure that your sending (sub)domain has an abuse@ and postmaster@ mailbox so that you can easily be contacted
  • Public Who is listing
    Visible contact information for the domain and sub-domain is important to show you are not hiding your identity as a sender.
  • Privacy policy for the sending domain
    A publically accessible Privacy policy shows the use of best practices and is required during most whitelisting processes.
  • Whitelisted with major ISPs
    A sender can get whitelisted if they are labelled as a safe sender by the subscriber and their ISP. Whitelisting provides an additional opportunity to hit the end user’s inbox.
  • Setup Feedback loops to monitor complaints
    Complaints reduce your reputation score so it is essential that customers who complain are unsubscribed.
  • 3rd Party accreditation
    3rd party accreditation provides access to an exclusive whitelist that can improve delivery. Senders are required to undergo an extensive vetting process to ensure they are using all the required best practices.


3. Email deliverability and Content

Getting the email into the inbox is great, but this is not a once off exercise. You have a few seconds to capture their attention so they don’t delete or complain about your email.
That is why it is an important part of this Email deliverability checklist. You can reduce email complaints and stimulate opens by taking the following steps:

  • Recognizable FROM email address
    In many cases it’s the first thing your customer sees, so it is essential that it is recognizable and trustworthy, otherwise it may be seen as SPAM.
  • Subject line reflects the content of the message
    Only a few characters stand between email success and the trash bin. Make sure it is relevant and interesting.
  • Copy gets to the point
    Customers often scan emails rather than read them in full detail due to busy lifestyles. Use headlines, sub-headlines, call-outs and bullet points that break up text for quick scanning.            
  • Copy stays on topic and has a call to action.
    Be clear on what you are asking the customer to do, otherwise they are likely to just file the email or delete it.
  • Messages are formatted for viewing on mobile
    Mobile rendering can often be very different to the desktop views. With the number of people reading emails on mobile devices increasing it is important to make sure your message is easily readable and actionable.
  • Physical address and phone number in the footer of the email
    This is to help demonstrate that you are a real live company, with a real physical presence. Many ISP’s and 3rd Party Authentication companies require this for Whitelisting.
  • Comply with opt-out legislation
    Non-compliance can lead to rejection during the Whitelisting process and even legal action, not to mention irritating your customers and getting complaints.

4. Email deliverability and Testing


Testing is essential for an email campaign, no matter how experienced you are. There are several areas that require testing to achieve higher email deliverability.

This can’t be missing from your Email deliverability checklist, for Email deliverability testing goes further than just seeing if the email has a good inbox placement.
You also want to stimulate good email marketing results.

A. Design

Knowing what your customers will see across all devices and email clients is very important for your emails results. But why include it in your email deliverability checklist? Something as simple as not being able to view a message properly can prompt them to complain about the email.

  • Previewed or rendering tests across multiple email clients and devices
    This enables you to fix any issues before you send your messages to customers.
  • Structured for optimal readability
    Based on eye-tracking we know that most people scan more than they read. . .
    – Average time to capture a user’s attention: 2 seconds
    – Once you have their attention, average time spent on the email: 51 seconds
  • Clean HTML code
    HTML syntax and format errors are common tricks spammers use to foil standard content filters, so SPAM filters now also verify that your HTML code is valid. Invalid code is rendered across a wide variety of browsers and the outcome is unpredictable.

B. Content
Customers have come to expect functional and efficient messages as they receive hundreds of communications daily. Email providers check content of emails as another step in fighting the war against SPAM.

  • Content spam check
    Pre-checking that your content does not contain any “Spammy” words will allow you to fix any issues before you send
  • Subject line checked (length & content)
    Testing that your  subject line displays correctly will allow you to fix any issues before you send
  • Seed list delivery testing before the 1st campaign is sent
    Sending emails to a test list and checking if they arrived in the inboxes is the perfect pre-send test to see if your email has all the correct elements.
  • Valid from and reply email address
    Make sure you have a working FROM and REPLY address, as replies to emails count towards engagement which can improve your deliverability.
  • Working unsubscribe
    If your unsubscribe is not functional, people are more likely to complain and select “This is spam” instead

C. Data
It is all about keeping the list clean. This involves some process, reporting and ESP services at every stage of a campaign

  • Email cleaning and verification
    ISPs measure how many invalid email addresses are being attempted, this could cause a temporary or permanent block for the sender
  • Avoid Spam traps
    Purchasing lists can lead to unwanted email addresses that are actually spam traps. These will have a detrimental effect on your deliverability.
  • Remove complaints and unsubscribes from your list immediately
    Complaints count heavily towards your reputation and in turn your deliverability. Failing to unsubscribe customers and having them complain again will cause deliverability issues

5. Email deliverability Reporting and Monitoring


Your ESP should provide you with a comprehensive set of reports so that you are able to monitor your Email deliverability metrics.

For instance your Bounce Rate (aim for 3% by removing bounces and keeping your list as clean as possible, etc) & Complaint Rates (under 0.1%).

You’ll also need detailed processes defined that indicate what must be done with the information once you receive it.

Email deliverability Reports
Reports provide you with the valuable information you need in order to take action, especially when it comes to unsubscribes and complaints

–       Delivery Report
–       Complaint Report
–       Unsubscribe Report
–       Click tracking Report

Early detection of any issues will allow them to be corrected quickly, an important part of your email delivery monitoring

–       Campaign failures
–       Data issues

Constant monitoring of key indicators will give you insight into your deliverability status. A definite part of your email deliverability checklist when reviewing different ESPs.

–       Check your reputation (Sender Score)
–       Monitoring Blacklists
–       Actively monitor SMTP logs to detect any issues
–       Activity trends

Effective processes are essential for easy management of campaigns to make sure all the relevant actions are being taken

–       Bounce & undeliverable
–       Complaint
–       Re-contact inactive users

The ultimate email deliverability checklist

MarketHive is an ESP that will offer all these items on the email deliverability checklist making it far more likely we will get your email delivered. When choosing or evaluating your ESP, be sure to keep this email deliverability checklist close by, and you’ll be well on your way to working through the multiple layers of spam defense that ISPs have created around Sender Authentication, reputation checks and content filtering.

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Thomas Prendergast

Article originated here:

The MLM Company of The Future Must Successfully Retail


“The MLM industry needs to change. The general public is

increasingly reluctant to buy overpriced products and

distributors need opportunities with products that will

actually sell in the marketplace”.

Thomas Prendergast

The MLM Company of The Future Must Successfully Retail

For now, Valentus has had good success using an automatic Powerline concept with people who inquire about their product or opportunity on their website..

Powerlines aren’t new. They just work a lot better when the company makes a good product. In the case of Valentus, anybody who requests information about the company is automatically put into a constantly growing powerline where they can visibly see their downline growing.

That new prospect is constantly reminded how their potential downline is growing. If the prospect wants to take advantage of those potential sign-ups, they can sign up first. If they don’t mind being passed up, they don’t have to sign up but they can still buy product.

Valentus doesn’t have a complex product line. They’re in the coffee niche and reports are that their product is not only cost-competitive but it also tastes good.

The coffee niche of MLM is definitely not saturated. Coffee is still a huge business… and it’s a simple product with broad appeal that everybody understands (the Steinkeller Brothers, formerly of Organo Gold proved that).
The point of this article is that MLM companies would be well-advised to start paying more attention to successful retailing. If they don’t, and the consumer gets angry enough, regulators will step in… and it won’t be pretty.

Art Williams


18 Places Where You Can List Your MLM Business Online


Here I have raddled up and put together 18 websites where you can get your MLM business listed on.

Some sites are MLM distributor directories and some are general business listing sites.

My advice for any business owner, is to claim as many free listings online on as many websites as you can!

Why List Your MLM Business on Directories?

Lots of people, after deciding what MLM or business opportunity they want to join, will go out sponsor shopping to try and find a good MLM sponsor to join.

In many cases, people will look for a sponsor who lives in their local area. Also, there are lots of people who are looking for MLM reps in their local area just to purchase products or services from. The key, is to position yourself in a way where your potential customers in your local area can find you.

This is where business listing sites and MLM distributor directories come into play. By getting listed, you’ll improve your overall odds of getting found by the prospects who are already interested in your product, service or business opportunity.
Other than getting found, there are lots of other great benefits, such as backlinks, traffic, brand awareness, and your overall site authority will improve as well.

Most of the sites in this list offer free listings which are defiantly worth going for, whether you should go for a premium listing really depends on the company you’re with. Be sure to read my tips at the end of this post to see what I mean.
Note, when you visit the sites below, look for the link to Advertise, “Get Listed” or “Submit Your Business” etc, to find out more info on how to submit your business.

1. CrunchBase

There are lots of great benefits to getting listed at CrunchBase, you can add plenty of details to your listing such as link to website, social accounts, bio etc. The cool thing about CrunchBase is that they’ll display your latest tweets.
Listing your MLM business at CrunchBase is fast, free and easy to do. You will first have to sign up and create a profile – once you’ve created your profile you will see a plus symbol on the left of the search bar where
you can add to CrunchBase. Get Listed


2. Yelp

Yelp is a place where entrepreneurs meet, rate and write reviews on other business’s. The site averages 139 million unique visitors per month – defiantly worth going in!

You will need to sign up and create a profile to get listed. After you’ve signed up, do a search for your MLM business in the search bar and once it shows you the results you’ll see a button at the bottom right which will say “add a business”.

A good idea would be to write reviews and rate business’s that you’ve had experiences with. Not only will you be helping other business’s out, but this can get you some internal traffic, as people may click on your profile link to check out your website/business. Get Listed


3. Manta

Manta is a highly authoritative site which means there’s a good chance your listing will show up on top of the Google search results, in fact, I’ve seen lots of MLM representatives listed in Manta, and they’re listings are showing up on the front page of Google for their MLM Company + Local Area.

Getting listed in Manta is free, the downfall is – Manta is an American business directory, so you got to be in America. Get Listed


4. TrueLocal

For all you Aussie’s out there, TrueLocal is one of the best business listing sites in Australia. I can’t remember the topics they have in their categories, but I ended up getting the MLM Barracks listed in the business opportunity section.
At TrueLocal, you can get a free listing with your business name, link to website, details, images and contact info. Defiantly worth going in! Get Listed


5. Gumtree

Gumtree is a global online classifieds and community website, it’s also the 30th most popular site in the UK.
Not only can you list your MLM business for free, but you can also post ads to sell MLM products, and just like Manta and Truelocal, I’ve noticed lots of MLM reps who have ads on Gumtree which are ranking at the top of Google. Visit Website


6. HotFrog

HotFrog is another great site to get your MLM business listed on. There are a ton of details that you can add with your listing. One of the cool things about HotFrog is that they show you how many people have viewed your profile.

When you get to the site you will first have to select your country which is located the top right of the site. After that you should see the link to add your business, just fill out the form and you’re good to go. The site and sign up process was a bit frigidity for me, but I eventually got through. Get Listed


7. Npros

For the past 10 years, Npros has been delivering excellent information and resources about the work at home, MLM, network marketing, home based business and direct sales industry.

The site has a good reputation and generates lots of traffic from prospects seeking information on business opportunities. Rep listings at Npros aren’t free, but I figured it might be worth slipping it into the list, because it was one of the best MLM distributor directories I could find.

I can’t really tell you whether or not you’ll get good results, because I’ve never been listed there, but my advice would be to not get listed if there are others listed for the same company.

Also, I’d say that you’d probably be better off getting a classified or banner ad on their site rather than a rep listing. Visit Website


8. Business Among Moms

Business Among Moms is another all round helpful and resourceful website for work at home Moms. Here, Mompreneurs get together and help support each other by purchasing products from the Mompreneur Directory.

The site has a membership fee that starts at $15 a year which is nice and cheap. By becoming a member, you’ll have access to a variety of benefits such as online marketing training, advertising opportunities, networking with other Mompreneurs, and you’ll also be able to have your business listed in the Mompreneur directory.

BusinessAmongMoms.com will also soon be coming out with a Direct Sales Consultant Directory. Get Listed


9. Kudzu

Kudzu is a great place where you can list your MLM business for free. They have two categories where you can submit under.

  1. Home Business
  2. Network Marketing
The sign up and listing process is pretty straight forward. There are plenty of details you can add such as a logo, phone number, business name, link to website, details, products/service et.. it’s worth the time and effort to properly fill everything out. By doing so, your listing will look nice and professional. Get Listed


10. Yellow Pages

Once the Monopoly of business information, but now with the Internet, the Yellow Pages is now just another directory. Getting a premium listing for your MLM here would not be worth it.
But the Yellow Pages does carry good domain authority and you can get listed for free, which may be worth looking into. Get Listed


11. White Pages

The White Pages is pretty much the same deal as the Yellow Pages. Listings on the Yellow and White Pages are more suitable for local business’s than MLM business.
As with the Yellow Pages, a premium listing here would not be worth it, and with the basic free listing you only get your business name, address and phone number. Get Listed


12. MLM Social

MLMSocial is a free social networking site for network marketers. The site has a variety of ways for you to promote your MLM opportunity such as, forums, wall posting, free advertising, networking with other MLM business builders and prospects.
MLM Social has one of the largest MLM directories, when you sign up and create a profile you’ll automatically be listed under the company you’ve selected. Get Listed


13. RepSpace

From the creators of Npros, RepSpace, is a business network for MLM reps and home based business professionals. Just like MLMSocal, RepSpace, offers a ton of ways for you to promote your MLM.
They do have a section where you can get your MLM business listed, but I’m not too sure what the deal is as you have to contact them. This makes me wonder if the listing is just from their other site, Npros.
Either way, RepSpace is still an all round great site to sign up
to. Visit Website 

14. Veteran Owned Business

Veteran Owned business is a high authoritative site that generates lots of traffic. There’s a good chance that you will get some awesome results having your business listed here. Here you can see how many views members are getting in the personal distributors and MLM section
Unfortunately, not everyone is allowed to get listed here:

VeteranOwnedBusiness.com Listing Submission is a free listings service for businesses that are owned by veterans, active duty military, reservists and service disabled veterans of the United States Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard and National Guard.

So if you’re a military hero from the United States then these guys have got you covered, they’ll help you out by sending some good business your way. Get Listed


15. Womanly Woman

Womanly Woman is a blog that covers a range of topics on shopping savings, entertainment, beauty, health and wellness. The site also has a Direct Sales Directory where you can request for a free membership.
I’m not exactly sure what the deal is, but it looks like the site owner, Liz, is simply trying assist her readers in helping them find direct sales representatives and vise versa. Being free and all, it may be worth going in. Get Listed


16. Be The Boss Network

Be The Boss Network is a site that connects business opportunity seekers with business owners and vise versa . The site has a large data base of MLM directories along with a MLM reps listing.
The BeTheBossNetwork site does get a reasonable amount of traffic, and I’m pretty sure that a lot of the people visiting the site are business opportunity seekers, so it can’t hurt creating a profile and getting listed, however, I probably wouldn’t use your primary email address when signing up. Here’s what their privacy policy had to say:

By using our services or submitting information that we use in providing our services, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy and expressly agreeing to accept offers and telephone solicitations from us, our customers, and/or any third party to whom we sell, license, transfer and/or share your email address or other personal information. The third parties to whom we sell, license, transfer, and/or share this information include a individuals and companies that sell and/or market a variety of information, services, and/or products.

But I suppose, no matter where you go your email address is inevitably going to get tossed around.
Anyway, I recently signed up at BeTheBossNetwork.com just to see what the deal was. Turns out, you can use HTML in the “about me” section. I ended up getting 5 anchor text dofollow backlinks. Get Listed


17. Every MLM

Every MLM is another distributor directory that’s a little shady. You can get listed for free, however, as soon as you sign up, the first thing they do is try to up-sell you to a platinum membership.
Up-sells are common in the game of sales, so that’s fair enough, but their prices are way too expensive. The site hardly gets traffic and they’re charging $20 per month for a premium listing… their dreaming.
My advice here would be to quickly smuggle in for the free listing and pick up a couple of backlinks whilst you’re at it. I’d probably use a secondary email address on this one, too. Get Listed


18. Find Sales Reps

FindSalesRep.com is the same deal as MLMGods.com, however, this one offers a way better service. The basic free listings are SEO optimized and you can add way more details such as a photo, link to website, social accounts, bio, product info, favorite products etc.
Just like MLMGods and EveryMLM, FindSalesReps will try to up-sell you. Here are the three up-sells:

  1. Featured Citywide Listing – $29.94
  2. Featured Statewide Listing – $224.91
  3. Featured Nationwide Listing – $449.91
The site’s domain authority isn’t too bad (37/100) and it gets a bit of traffic, but I would recommend that you just go with the basic free listing. Besides, you shouldn’t have a problem getting found in your local area from all the free sites that I’ve already mentioned Get Listed
And here is a secret tip just for MarketHive members: The RSS plug in I use. 
Thomas Prendergast

MarketHive supports Customer Concentric Businesses


Hello my old friends this post is somewhat related to Veretekk and MarketHive our new company that replaces Veretekk

I have been away to some degree for some time as I am a caretaker, launching MarketHive (the rebirth of Veretekk sort of), moved from the ranch to a fort and well, I am back.

You have all heard of Amazon right? Amazon is the definition of customer centric. The company is all about the comfort, reliability, support, and ease of use, competitive pricing, but even more than that. Amazon truly treats its customers like Kings!

Here is an example of what Customer Centricity means in a direct sale type company. You can sell products and services competitively via Amazon and Ebay and that direct sale company gives you the technology (API) to sell from their inventory, their warehouse, their shipping and automation to even produce customers on auto shipment as well.

I joined a company centric company called Trivita in 2001. 95% of my organization is just customers. I will explain in a minute what that has meant, but first let me say I am in no way trying to recruit you into this. This is a learning path I have been down. I would consider Trivita a Version 1 Customer Centric direct sales company. Youi see, Trivita never gave their sales distributors the tools to produce customers. They just sold you their customers (Customer Acquisition) and the prices per customer were very expensive, of course, because Trivita is and was a V1 Customer Centric system.

Simply put, every distributor I recruited and the pitch was simplicity, just buy customers, and we did. I would generally match my new distributor’s first month customer purchase with additional customers. This culture created a massive customer base, real customers, that just hang out and every few months buy products. This is why today, even though I have not actively promoted Trivita, I still receive a substantial monthly income and probably will for the rest of my life. Sustainability, stability and longevity are the benefits of customer centricity within this industry and Trivita has proven that to me. How many opportunities have you been in over the last 14 years and how many have a foundation of a lifetime of stability? None I bet!

Over the years, the pressure in the MLM industry is pushing towards a customer centric solution and I have been on that leading edge and that is the purpose of my asking for your attention.

I am going to go point by point some of the more dynamic systems being created within these companies and they are very close to making them available and when they do, I believe traditional MLM will begin the very rapid destabilization and destruction of their traditional methods which I consider unethical, destructive and based on idolatry and the exploitation of the little guy and gal.

So before we begin that illustration of this new hybrid dynamic, I want to reveal to you exactly the mindset of the 90% + of MLMs and why you always fail, as it is a little known secret. It is called the 3 month rule. Here it is (I am sure you will recognize this process):

I discovered this little secret within the upper echelons of a company called Ocean Avenue. As the leaders and principles felt comfortable with me (I guess they thought I was a sociopath idolater like them) they would all talk about this 3 month rule and would look at me at the dinner table as they laughed and scoffed at the “commoners” who always fell for this, as if I was in on the take. I just acted like I knew what they were talking about and was a good listener. OK? So are you ready to hear this little dirty nasty secret?

It is called the 3 Month Rule. It starts by the “Leaders” the “Master Distributors”, the “Principles of the company” willing to promise you whatever you wanted. To totally misrepresent the compensation plan, to manipulate into spending the big money, to put in the investment, to have skin in the game, after all, if your mentality is to just break even, you will fail. They will tell you to put it all in, leverage the full investment because this is the key to success by creating your sense of urgency.

Sound familiar so far?

They will also tell you go get everyone you know, everyone you can, blast the opportunity, take massive and immediate action. Drive the masses of your friends, family, their friends, your sphere of influence to their conference calls, to signup into your self-replicated site, try it for free, to buy their books, get on their training, join their FB groups and subscribe to their mentoring web sites, etc.

Sound familiar?

They call you, 3 way with you, email you, motivate you, complement you, inspire you for about 3 months, then it all dies.

Sound familiar?

This is how they look at this 3 month rule:

In the first three months is when they know your emotions over rule your common sense, it is during this time they know you will abandon your good judgment and spend, even borrow, even finance the money to “invest” into the deal. It is during this time they get you to reveal and send in all your friends, their contact information, your family, that you will invest in the leads and build the traffic to drive into your business. They know that about 3 months into it, you will get discouraged, frustrated, they will even start discovering that they are not exactly honest and even have bad press. But after 3 months, they have sucked everything they know they can get and at that point, you get cut off. Ostracized, rejected and ignored, because now, you have supplied them with a whole new generation of suckers from your sphere of influence to keep the game a foot and have spent as much money they have been able to suck out of you.

Sound familiar?

This is why most MLMs will never embrace the customer centric model, because their products or services cannot compete for real customers, because the products or services are super inflated in prices, and / or, are quack science, like holographic patches, structured water devices, exotic berry drinks that cure psoriasis and cancers, etc. or are products that are re labeled but are no different than similar products for a fraction of the price (what real customers demand in the marketplace)

This is why the majority of good honest hard working people, seem to jump from deal to deal. Because the industry, for the most part, has been rigged to do just that. Keep you jumping every 3 months until they have sucked you dry of your monies, of your friends, but even worse, to suck your hopes and dreams dry and ruin your reputation, as you slink off and go back to that job you hated.

Sound familiar?

This very phenomenon is what I battle, what I rally against. To me it is a spiritual war as I have seen friends, associates and good people, their hopes and dreams and very souls sucked into oblivion by these sociopathic elites. Here is one more case in point, a true story. Names are changed to protect the guilty.

Mike Darling and I invited a health and beauty MLM owner and his wife to a very upscale dinner in Rancho Sante Fe (San Diego) to discuss their company as we were pitching him and his company to become customer centric. They had some very effective quality products, but their comp plan was cumbersome, their products were a bit overpriced, but we felt this company could actually shift into a customer centric system and even offer customer coop programs so distributors could just buy customers and easily build a long term beneficial legacy.

Right in the middle of the conversation, this owner interrupted us to disclose that, according to him, MLM, or more accurately, his company was really all about selling “Hopes and Dreams” and based on that was not interested in making the additional investments to establish the firm as “Customer Centric” then suggested we put this all in writing and send it to him for further consideration. Those of you in business, know, that statement means (NOT INTERESTED) or more familiar, “do not call me, I will call you”. And that ended that, and I halted all further development for marketing and advertising and another one bit the dust. That company went out of business within a year after that eventful and revealing dinner.

And my first customer centric company after 11 years (when that eventful dinner occurred) continued month after month to bring me in solid substantial income. I really started to recognize that MLM in general was an unhealthy business model. When you have nothing but distributors, for the most part, buying overpriced services or products, because they really bought the hopes and dreams, you have a very shaky business that at any given time can easily collapse. It is a very unhealthy business model. It is why you consistently continue to fail, everyone, not just you. Even the big shots who own the companies know it will fail.

The pressure to move towards customer centricity is here. The old MLM model is being rejected at an ever increasing rate, which you recognize by your continued challenge of finding it harder and harder to build a traditional MLM business, because most people have had enough. Even though they may not recognize the problem as it is, they do recognize the industry has become saturated and every MLM deal appears to be really no different than the other and the pall of stagnation in this industry for the most part has set it.

Entrepreneurialism is still alive and has for the most part driven MLM. But people do learn and discover and have come to understand the MLM industry for the most part is a fools dream. Only the handful make it, the ones who have large spheres of influence like I do, or have strong charisma on stage, can run effective conference calls, have the resources to build SEO results and lead development. But even that has a break point, because the traditional MLM model of distributors (salespeople) recruiting distributors (salespeople) quickly reaches a saturation point.

This is why, you need customers, 1000s of customers, and few distributors to build a long lasting legacy income.


The three companies that are about to turn this industry upside down. Their strong points, their weak points and why I am about to build all of them and why I can do just that and why you can too!

Uway: Simple put with this company, they represent products, like their Ubox Smart TV that is sought after by the marketplace, reasonably priced and attracts way more customers than distributors. Another product they just launched called the “Uwheels” a similar product to the Segway Human Transport made famous by “Paul Blart Mall Cop”. Agsin, sales went of the scale as consumers bought them up in record breaker numbers. They are interested in building APIs so distributors can seamlessly sell them via Amazon, and Ebay as well as making scripts available to allow distributors to build retail selling sight to simply move product, without the draw backs of garage inventory, shipping, and collecting the funds, Simple as that. A product people want (regardless if there is an opportunity available or not). This is a company I can build without ever recruiting one distributor, simply by selling to customers.

I am flying out this week to meet with the owners, to determine their credibility and if they can handle the crush of business I can deliver. I also want to meet with their marketing and development departments because I want systems to move products, not recruit distributors. If I find them credible, this company is a go!


Valentus: I know the owner personally, which makes my knowledge of where he is taking the company credible. First they have developed a dynamic product called Thin Roast which claims to (actually does) eliminate cravings and limit appetite (not suppress) as well as give an increase in energy. Claims of serious weightloss are occurring and I can attest this is a product that is demonstrable with free samples within 3 minutes. I am hooked on this product as it has seriously increased my productivity by at least 300%, it has also increased the joy in my overall outlook on life (if that is even possible) and is slowly but surely reducing my weight (I need to lose 40 lbs.).

The owner is integrating a customer and pre enrolled lead system where you purchase a distributor for about $150.00 but also get 300-500 legitimate pre enrolled prospects with real phone numbers and emails. In other words, I can attest that with a timely outreach to them as they come in, you will recruit about 10% into becoming customers and distributors in your business. Another innovation is the online sample fulfillment center so you do not need to inventory coffee samples. You either create a web page utilizing the Valentus technology that allows your page to collect the visitors name, phone, email and mailing address and upon submitting, the package is sent. As well, a back office option lets you fill out the form press the button and the sample sends out to your designated prospect. Additional Valentus has made assailable on unique domains total retail sites without the harbinger of an opportunity attached so you can clearly promote the product and build customers.

Valentus is expanding into Europe with warehouses in Germany and UK and EU pricing built into their web systems just for the European markets.

All of this is only weeks away. Once launched you can just concentrate on promoting product, via Ebay, Amazon, Craigs list, etc. and move the product. Valentus also concentrates on building video ads to promote the opportunity or just sell the product(s). Truly one of the new breeds of the “Customer Centric” hybrid MLMs.


Stay tuned as it is only a matter of days one or both of these cross over to the new paradigm of becoming true customer centric systems. And folks, with true customer centric systems, the reality of building a living income is legitimate and even more incredible is the ability to build more than one business. Because advertising for customers is a totally different process then recruiting distributors.

And this is what MarketHive is all about. Giving you a real fully loaded Inbound Marketing system that saves you literally $3000 or more per month for top of the line professional marketing tools, all integrated into an easy to learn navigation.

What is even more fascinating is all of this is coming together all at the same time. MarketHive was launched into the Alpha level (pre Beta) January of this year. As of this “article” we finally finished and have delivered our spam free full blown emailing program, which now allows me to communicate with all of you via email alerts to this blog, gives you the most advanced emailing system on the Internet within your MarketHive platform.

Last but not least. I was the inventor and original founder of Veretekk and the Automated Marketing phenomena. During that 20 year reign of marketing supremacy, Veretekk developed over 200 million leads (name, emails, address, phones) through our many traffic portals. Having said that, the new admin email portal I now have at my disposal allows me to send communications to that 200 million minus the dead emails and phone numbers. Even so, it is a huge market platform and as we move to build MarketHive I am starting by opening that database up to these articles and promotions for MarketHive.

If you are already a MarketHive subscriber or planning on joining MarketHive (It is 100% free for life) make sure you look into an Alpha Founder option. You will be pleased with what we are making available to you.


Thomas Prendergast


I have been using Market Hive for a while now, learning all the tools that are made available to everyone. There are NO hidden extras, NO hidden functionality that is only available to paid members .. WHY? Because there are NO paid members .. because it really is all free.
Stephen Hodgkiss


MarketHive system is above anything else I found in terms of Marketing Tools! Knowing the CEO and his vision for MarketHive, I couldn’t not join! Anyone doing marketing online should use MarketHive tools as they will quickly get amazing results!
Dianna Meyer

Why would someone design a system like MarketHive? Clearly there has so be a desire to do something very different from the typical social network. The fact that it is a free social network designed for entrepreneurs speaks volumes about the creators’ motivation to help small businesses promote on the Internet. You will notice immediately when you join there are no major corporate sponsors. MarketHive has been designed as a level playing field for entrepreneurs. Where else is there such a network on the Internet? There is nothing at all like it on the vast Internet. I suggest entrepreneurs everywhere take a look at MarketHive and come play ball with us!
John Lombaerde

MarketHive news and updates


Update: Waiting for last of the auto responders and final draft of the new admin MarketHive email broadcaster to our old million(s) Veretekk database for the first step in the MH ad launch.

Ubox (see link) is in discussions with me and preparing to fly me out for 2-3 days of intense discussions, future focus, building an Advertising Platform on their box, a web conference room (their building) integrated into MarketHive, etc. BTW: I have 2 of 5 front line positions still available in Ubox. Scroll down for my last post for more on this. It is going to be huge.



Valentus (I have been working with the owner for over a year) is about to release their customer purchase program, and their sample automated request system. This is finally the first company that actually has listened to me and then actually did what they said they would. They have an extremely demonstrable product with a huge market. (Coffee, energy, weightless) combined into a single product. And it is non GMO and all natural, no chems or preservs.


Scroll down for more on this.


Both of these companies are coming into MarketHive and extremely interested in this system. Both of these companies are forward aggressive thinkers. Both of these companies have products or services and systems that are at the forefront of today’s trends.

David Jordan the CEO of Valentus has become my friend and I have been consulting with him now for over a year and he has proven to me he is a man of integrity and honest. He wants to become the first new type MLM that truly partners with their Distributors kinda like Trivita tried to do. Customers acquisition first!

I am behind what Ubox is doing and believe these guys are genuine. I am flying out there to meet with them in a week or two. I believe this Ubox (Smart TV), if they do not blow it, will be as big as it gets. This is a major trend and they are first to arrive. Think about this:

No company has taken the field as a front runner (branded) in the Smart TV revolution. ROKU, APPLE TV, GOGGLE TV, etc. None are yet household names. UBOX offers a platform that delivers all medias, new movie releases, all movies, TV shows, music, etc. for free for life.

Now ask yourself, how many people love their cable TV provider? How many people love their Dish TV provider? Their is a window right now where over 90% of the population is subscribed to Cable or Dish TV and 100% hate their provider and want a new alternative. UBOX does this!

This is why I am excited and paying attention. Something is cooking and I can smell the gravy.

If any of this interests you, please contact me. I am headed into Market mode finally after so many years. I have moved. I am setting up my new HP Z800s and I am itching to let the dogs out.

Time to put MarketHive on the map!

Cell: 808-462-2918

Skype: tomprendergast

Email: tom.greybull@gmail.com

Thursday Jun 25,2015 04:12 PM

Update to the Juggernaut launch of MH!

Update to the Juggernaut launch of MH!

With a very small edit in the 2nd video (Alpha Founder) they are being prepared for final release. I will be updating the Alpha Profile pages to have the new video. I will also be upgrading the back office to default to the second Alpha Founder video and the Alpha upgrade page. In other words, unless you are either subscribed to our a fully paid Alpha subscriber or founder, every time you log in that page will default.

We will also be building a template capture page to be used on any domain for the new video and we will have it hosted on some of our domains for the big massive email campaign to our old Veretekk database.

Mike and Mariusz are working on our new Admin email system so we can access the millions of name, email, IP, date, phone, etc. so our first launch will go to that database as soon as they finish it. Mike has told me he will try to have it ready by the end of this month.

Vince (the video animation marketing firm we are using) and his copywriters will be crafting our 10 MH auto responders starting next week to complete this campaign.

We are getting very close to heading up up and away!

Thomas Prendergast
Friday May 15,2015 05:50 PM

The Director of Marketing has an Eye for you

The time has come that the rank and file (That is You) engage in the practice of speaking your mind, belaying you insights, sharing your perspective of what MarketHive means and does and how it serves the little guy and gal out there on the Internet. Go plant the seeds on the forums. Get your Twitter going! Engage the Markethive Fan page! It is time for organic discussions across the vast wastelands.

I am watching you and taking notes.

You can count on me

Today’s culture seriously lacks integrity, albeit, good intentions still abound, but dedicated follow up and the bond of the handshake and a man’s/woman’s word have suffered almost total collapse these days.

I am old school, in that, when I say I will call you back I call you back. When you contact me and I am busy, I am busy, but I will return the call, always! If I tell you a certain job will be done by a certain time, I will bleed out on the field of battle to keep that promise and if it is going to be delayed due to outside circumstances, you can count on me communicating with you, that the job, the commitment has been delayed and I will take full responsibility.

This is no longer the norm in today’s culture. In the last year I have made commitments due to other so called professionals giving me their word that something will be done and all that has happened is finger pointing and delays and I have to chase them down just to get the proverbial “not my fault”, or “that’s just the way it is”, or I get shunned because I tow the truth and expect others to follow through on their commitments and promises.

There are people I do business with that always follow through with me as I do with everyone and they give me hope. But the trend is against the integrity of past years. Today more often than naught, I will get a reply from a request to communicate along the lines of “Hey big guy” or “Whatz up Dude” or “You’re the Bomb” and then informed how busy they are, but will available next week. So I set an appointment to talk and they never show up. Is it just me?

God forbid if I should call them on it. But I do, I respond and reveal my disappointment with their apparent lack of respect or their inability to follow through and ask them to just lay it out and tell me they are not interested working with me or talking to me and to just go away, as I will. But no, I get another excuse, so busy, family issues, traveling right now. I get strung along.

Like I said, is it just me? It seems that the trend of narcissism is growing; the ‘reprobate’ mind has taken hold of the many, so I ask what can we do? How do you conduct business in a culture that is sliding down the proverbial slippery slope? A culture where it has become acceptable to tell people what they want to hear with no intentions to ever follow through. You can tell a business person by the way they run their interests otherwise they are just children playing grownup with no concept regarding their own responsible self-interests.

Now with that said, within our culture there are 2 segments where this trend is the most pestiferous. Politics and MLM:

Politics attracts the sociopaths, megalomaniacs, greedy lying, cheating deceivers. I am a political atheist. All politics is nothing more than a hydra of different heads, all saying what you want to hear, but in reality all of them clearly serve a much darker agenda, their petty self-interests with your interest on the bottom of the list or more likely not even considered.

MLM’s similarities to politics are rather sobering. It also attracts the self-serving sociopathic, who both craves adulation and is driven by the insatiable greed for more money and power. Unlike politics, MLM’s structure can not just legislate money out of your pockets but must use psychological methods and deception to coerce your wallet from you. Well known in the industry is the 3 month rule rightly so because of the fact they have to fool you to get your money. In politics, they have to fool you to vote for them, and then they are in your wallet for 2, 4 or 6 years. So back to the 3 month deception required in the MLM model for the hucksters, shysters, megalomaniacs, narcissists and sociopathic leaders and owners (This is not the 100% rule as there are a handful of MLM companies run by decent ethical people, just not so many). The 3 month rule, pay attention:

Any MLM recruiter and MLM company is aware of this 3 month rule. It means that the typical new distributor has in general a lifespan of about 3 months of loyalty, excitement and upbeat expectations. During this 3 months and particularly at the time of recruitment, you will be inspired to go for broke. Come in with the greatest expenditure, get your skin in the game. Position yourself at the top of the pay plan. Don’t be a tire kicker signing up for free or the $50 entry level, come in at the Gold, Diamond Platinum level, invest the $3000, the $5000 so you have your business filled up to the brim. Go to the conferences, pay for all the events, VIP dinners, hang out with the leaders, etc. Get the websites, the business cards, invest in the leads, 3 way calls, and conferences and get your friends and relatives and that sphere of influence involved ASAP! Join the $100 per week rotator lead program from your upline. They make sure you get all of this before that 3 month anniversary date, because after that, you start to see no money coming in, the support from your upline falling away and the truth is, once you joined, you become their competitor and they know they need your sphere of influence coming in to maintain the revenue from the 3 moth rule.

So let’s examine the 3 month rule as it will help explain the abhorrent behavior found in the CEO, the President, The upline leadership, of the typical MLM (like I said not all MLM are thus, just most).

You are exposed to an opportunity by a distributor, you responded to an ad, they are friends, you got pitched in Facebook, etc. You hear all the promises, are sent the product for review and are being courted and romanced, sweet talked, promised, convinced and the focus of attention. You are charmed, they relate to your greed and fear of loss and all the huge income you can make and you get overcome and sign up. You are pitched and it is clearly explained to have the greatest chance and leverage for success, is to put it all down, come in like a leader, buy in at the top, get qualified to be the winner. So you “go for it” and purchase the big package, the $2700.00 top of the line, triple diamond, the platinum package. For the next couple of weeks, the upline leader calls you, includes you in his exclusive Facebook group, invites you to meet the CEO on the calls, is available to talk to all your friends, relatives, sphere of interest, and sends you an autographed copy of his book. Offers to help you get going and suggests subscribing to a 3rd party service that will call your friends and family, etc., that they are happy to sell you! They convince you to order another upgrade, promising to match a distributor to you once you get 3 of your own distributors at the top rung. I am sure you know this process. I am sure you also know after about 3 months, the access ends, the phones go dead and you wonder what happened. You have served your purpose. They drained all they could from you in that 3 months, plus got you to make available to them everyone you know. They may have even gotten a few of your friends to sign up and the same process occurs to them.

Like politics, short on integrity, long on charm and promises until they get what they want, then you become flotsam, and if you complain, get angry hold someone accountable, you get shunned, blocked, kicked out of the FB group, blocked on Skype and un invited to any future leadership calls or meetings.

MLM like politics reflects the cultural meltdown occurring today. Where narcissists reign supreme and are promoted to leadership status and guru level worship.

So what is my point? I have made millions in the industry over the past 20 years. But I do not consider myself an MLMer. I am an entrepreneur and have always been one. I look for solutions, ones I create or find solutions others have created. The conventional wisdom of MLM is friends recruiting friends. This methodology has seriously failed. A new solution is required. A solution based on Good Business practices. The “new” MLM will be a company that partners with the distributors helping them to achieve “CUSTOMERS” not just an ever growing organization of “DISTRIBUTORS” or “salesman” as they really are. A true business that serves the “customer” with real products and services that stand on their own without being artificially sold with an income option attached to it.

Companies like this will have no need for the hype, no need for the charismatic sociopath leaders promising the world of material riches similar to the religious hacks like Joel Olsteen. No need because the companies that build their foundations on customers, not distributors, are designed to compete with products and services that stand alone. Make sense?

I guess what I am saying here is this. Do not be fooled by false claims; do not be manipulated by fear of loss. Look for the real solid foundation of what is offered. Does the company offer a way for you to build 100% pure customers, who purchase for no other reason than they want the product? Real customers, who purchase based on real need and product or service that fills a need. Can the company prove to you they have 90% customers to 10% distributors? Can they even show that they even have customers? Real customers, not consuming distributors!

Summary: Find the new hybrid networked company that partners with you to build a solid “customer” based organization. I did in 2001 and today that organization is still paying all my bills and then some. And I never put any effort into recruiting or maintaining the distributors, because it is 90% customers that just keep buying because they love the product and the company.