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Bitclub Network output

One of my downline is a finacial engineer and wrote this email to me – very powerful;


based on the stats from here:


it's actually 12.5 blocks per 10 minutes as of 2016, but it gives the equation…plug in info from here:


which is that the global rate is currently 10,000 Peta-Hashes per second and the info from here:


they're (BITCLUB) doing 290 Peta-Hashes per second

which is a F*** of a lot – it's three PERCENT of the world's bitcoin mining, accessed through one web portal…

so that means three percent of 12.5 blocks per 10 minutes… do a bit of maths and that means they're mining 43 bitcoins per month.

that's total – assuming USD 10,000 / BTC – 430 thousand US per month and exponentially rising due to the increase in BTC value.


ok so the question is, i haven't worked out the amounts yet, what's the total number of shares, by everyone, in this pool?

according to this:


the top-of-the-line ASIC Miner is the Antminer 89, capable of 14 Tera-Hashes per second.  it's priced at $USD 2500.  soOo… in effect,  i just bought one of those ($3500 into bitclub).

14 TH/sec is 0.014 PH/sec.  so… 1.4e-6 worth of the world's bitcoin mining.  a bit of math…. we're looking at 0.1 bitcoins per month out of that 14 TH/sec Antminer 89.

soOoo…. anything better than a payout of 0.1 bitcoins per month, where 0.1 bitcoins per month is, at current rates assuming 10k US / Bitcoin, is around USD 1000 a month, means we got a f****ing good deal.

that's not taking the MLM effects into account.